Impact Tech Investing

Creating a blueprint for tech business to be built on purpose.

Our Impact Tech Venture Fund – Invisible Hearts Ventures

Over a decade, our Assets under management had gradually devoted to impact investing in measurable impact as well as proven financial returns. Through our expertise and track record, we have forged a scalable model for tech ventures to be managed and thrive, alongside benefiting technology innovative companies, investors, the society and environment.

Mission Possible

The mission is to bring more capital to seek scalable innovative and disruptive solutions where financial returns are linked to lasting, positive social and environmental impacts.

Our main focus is to invest in technopreneurs which solve critical challenges across the health, wellness and sustainable development ecosystem that will generate both strong social & financial returns.

We provide financing and strategic support for the development of Tech for Impact success cases utilizing industry-standard impact metrics, rigorous financial underwriting and ongoing hands-on operational oversight.

Our Award-winning solution

Our Investment approach aims to address sustainability challenges while enabling exponential growth of our portfolio. We aid impact tech enterprises in fully aligning their core principles and practices to the Global UNDP Initiative – SDG Impact Standards – to catalyze private sector investment toward sustainability and achievement of the SDGs.

We support our portfolio companies’ efficient solutions for clean economic growth in alignment with The Paris Accord and COP21 / COP26 Agreements, while also lending hands-on- support to their implementation at scale.

We share Bertrand Piccard’s first vision to consider ecology through the lens of profitability by always advocating that solving climate change – rather than an expensive problem – is a fantastic market opportunity for our fund and our LPs.

Our fund’s approach begins by specifying the SDGs in our reporting, adding specific SDG targets into our investment strategy, and finally calculating quantitative data to show progress on these goals

ESG Investment impacts Start-ups Significantly

1. Sustainability-minded companies delivers Competitive edge

We put our time into tech start-ups and companies that are actively avoiding short-term solutions, and instead investing in cost-effective, sustainable solutions that deliver long-term returns.

2. Attracting investors– Commitment to strong ESG standards broadens a start-up’s potential investor base.

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Our Impact Investment Solutions

  • Led by Chief Compliance Officer Arun Kant, overseeing and managing regulatory compliance issues in our investment activities and portfolio companies that operate in heavily regulated industries such as Fintech and Healthcare Tech.
  • Led by Chief Tech Officer Wee Meng Thoo, we manage across a FinTech, HealthTech, and Clean/ ClimateTech portfolio. We create investment solutions on a discretionary basis on behalf of clients.

LHC’s Impact Investment, ESG Client Services, & Thought Leadership

  • Led by Chief Impact Officer Christian Kingombe, PhD, we possess a small dedicated ESG team with strong ESG-toolkit product and technical knowledge to support IHV’s Investment Solutions.
  • IHV’s Portfolio Impact Tech enterprises can also access extensive multi-asset and other thought leadership resources from LHC, 4IP and partners in a range of formats.