Trading Methodology

NeuTrade System

Exploits market inefficiencies via multi-strategies methods and two-directional trades without leverage at the portfolio level. Our systematic time decay strategy also enables the fund to achieve significant volatility capture while minimizing downside risks.

Secure and Enhance Returns

Using volatility and directional trading strategies to generate a base return for the longer term and capture additional upsides on a short term basis.


Base Return Strategy Modeling

  • Conventional options strategies such as condor, ratio spreads, straddles, strangles, butterflies etc. will be used in order to generate a constant base return on a monthly basis
  • MDD and margin will be fully managed and gamma risk will be hedged

Active Trading

Technical/Systematic proprietary trading methodologies will be used in order to generate extra returns in addition to the base return on the portfolio through active daily trading, based on specific conditions placed on directional and volatility plays.

a. Intraday/Swing Trading

  • Technical Analysis
  • Tactical Asset Allocation

b. Hedging

  • At trade position level